Advancing LGBT Civil Rights

Documentary Films


About the life cut short of young gay artist and poet Jim Wheeler, “JIM IN BOLD” is the leading film about the impact of homophobia on GLBTQ youth. This inspirational film has won multiple awards and has been screened worldwide. Purchase JIM IN BOLD.

Gay Pioneers 

A compelling documentary, “Gay Pioneers” presents the story of the start of the GLBT civil rights movement at Independence Hall. Coproduced with PBS affiliate WHYY, this enduring film braids interviews with Frank Kameny, Barbara Gittings and other early activists with archival footage and FBI investigative reports. Purchase Gay

Saint of 9/11

Narrated by Sir Ian McKellen, “Saint of 9/11” chronicles the remarkable life and death of Father Mychal Judge, Chaplain of the New York Fire Department—the first official victim of 9/11. Since its world premiere at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival, “Saint of 9/11” has received international acclaim and has been featured on ABC’s “World News with Charles Gibson,” CNN, PBS and C-SPAN. Purchase Saint of 9/11.

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